probe holder low noise probe DC RF probe high current probe high voltage probe probe arm adpater

Probe Holders & Adapters

We offer a wide variety of standard or customized probe holders and adapters for various applications, such as I-V/C-V test, pulsed I-V test, RF, mmW tests, high power tests, etc.


DC probes, coaxial DC probes, active signal measureing probes and RF/mmW wedges(GS, SG, GSG, ect.). 

cable assembly BNC SMA SSMC TRX COAX TRIAX Coaxial cable Triaxial cable

Cable Assemblies & Adapters

Cable assemblies and adapters in/between series. 

DC Cable Assemblies

BNC, TRX, SMA, SSMC, Banana, Alligator clip coaxial/triaxial cable assemlies for  I-V/C-V, pulsed I-V measeurement.

High Power Tests

SHV, MHV, coaxial/triaxial cable assemblies for high power tests and measurements.

RF, mmW

Coaxail RF cable assemblies and waveguides.


In/between series adapters for DC, RF, mmW and high power extendtions  and feedthrougs.

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Hot Chuck System

For measurement under a wide range of precisely controlled temperature.

Temperature range: Room temperature ~ 200℃。

Accuracy:+/- 0.1%

Chuck diameter:4~8inch, larger chuck available upon request.

Low voltage output, safety for user and low noise of EMI.

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Shield enclosure Dark box EMI shielding box Light tight box

Light Tight and EMI Shield Enclosures

Shield enclosures help to reduce/eliminate interferences from light and EMF for low noise or light tight tests and measurements.

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vibration isolation table VIT

Vibration Isolation and Systems Integration


Vibration isolation tables (VIT) provide a highly stable platform for probe station systems. They help to keep your systems stable and minimize the probe drifting.

System Integration

KeyFactors also offers solutions to make your probe station systems and test/ measurement instruments as ONE SYSTEM. Your equipments and cables will be well organized by these solutions.

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microscope objective systems rack

Microscopes & Objetives & Light Sources

Stereo Microscope, SuperScope and SlimScope.

M Plan APO objectives, NUV objective, NIR objectives, ect.

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monitor camera CCD Cmount C-mount

Video Systems and Accessories

To view from monitors. We provide three types of cameras and monitors for users with different budgets and purposes.

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Air compressor vacuum pump

Air Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

Compressed air source for VIT and pneumatic lift of microscopes.

Vacuum source for vacuum mounting positioners, wafer or DUT on chucks.

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