IPS Probe Station

A 4" to 8" cost-effective probe station with upgrade capability.

Probe stations are very expensive and durable lab equipment. Many users only have very limited budgets at the beginning but their test requirements could change over time. This will result in idle equipment and more capital costs. InitialPS allows you to start with a probe station with very competitive price. You can upgrade the system easily as their test requirements change. With the modular design, you simply choose from various chuck options, microscope options and test kits. The ease of upgrade capability protects your current investment for future needs.

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SimplePS Measurement Package

SimplePS measurement package is specially designed for low budget customers.

It has been a dilemma for customers to choose a low budget system with the best quality. But now SimplePS measurement package put this to an end. This package includes the most cost-effective and reliable products: SimplePS probe station, DTP100 micropositioner, S10 series probe holders and accessories. 

This package is also a  KitStart technique product. It allows users to update the set up while test requirements change and protect users' current investment.

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HAPS Probe Station

A 8" to 12" probe station which is built on a highly precise granite base. 

In order to achieve accurate and reliable test results in the cutting edge tests, one of the key factors is to use a probe station system with ultra mechanical accuracy and stability. 

HAPS is built on a granite base with less than 5 micron planarity. This design not only assures the high planarity in X-Y motion but also provides a rigid and stable platform for high accuracy tests. To achieve positioning accuracy, we use precise micrometer heads to drive spring loaded X-Y axes. With an air bearing X-Y stage, user will be able to move the X-Y in coarse positioning smoothly and quickly, thus greatly reducing set up time and improving test efficiency. One of the most common applications of HAPS is millimeter wave device characterization. The accuracy and stability act as an important role in protection of fragile and expensive mmW probes while producing reliable test results.

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CryoPS Cryogenic Probe Station

A 2" to 8" cryogenic probe station for on-destructive measurement of the electrical properties of materials and early-stage electronic devices.


KeyFactor's CryoPS offers a cryogenic environment with 10^-3or6 mbar vacuum level. 

Users can start with a standard system and upgrade to a higher level probe station with higher vacuum level and temperature range. Dedicated design is also available upon request.

Typical applications include sampling IV and CV curves over a wide range of temperatures, measuring microwave and electro-optical responses, characterizing magneto-transport properties in variable magnetic fields, Hall-effect measurements to understand carrier mobility, and a variety of other material studies. 

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Dedicated Systems

Looking for a customized probe station for your specific requirements? No problem! Tell us your needs and we will customize for you!

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