About Us

KeyFactor Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of precision and modular probing systems( probe station ). With our KitStart technique, our systems can be upgraded easily as test requirements and applications change over time.

KeyFactor’s facilities are located in the United States and China and we offer a wide variety of solutions for advanced semiconductor tests. Our customers worldwide used our probing systems in test and measurement of various devices such as MEMS, NEMS, optoelectronics, photovoltaics ,etc. Our probing systems can be easily set up for accurate I-V/C-V tests, RF and mmW tests, high power tests and Hall effect tests.

Our corporate complement of highly trained individuals, whose first priority is the customer. As the cost-effective probing system manufacturer, we provide uncompromising quality for total customer satisfaction. With years of experience in semiconductor test and measurement industry, KeyFactor is committed to help you reduce your capital cost and increase test accuracy.